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Client Review

Tommy is great!

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Tommy is great, he changed my locks in the middle of the night in an emergency, and repaired my sliding door and window - Sharee M


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Client Review

Did not cost arm and leg

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Came out on a Sunday... fixed the Acura quick did not cost arm and leg- Joshua Cromartie

About Tommy

A little bit of history about myself; my father was a carpenter and general contractor, and my grandfather was a certified Ford mechanic all of his life. So if I wasn’t on the jobsite, I was around the garage. With my background in carpentry and construction, I not only know about the locks on your door, but I know how that door and frame is attached to the wall in your house. That can be very important when deciding the best way to secure that door, or in some cases unsecure it without damaging it. With my background in automotive, I can not only open your locked car with out damage and make a key for it, but I can also repair stuck or broken ignitions and door locks. I can also usually get the combination to most safes made within the past decade and if that is not an option, and we cannot pick the lock, regardless if it is a circle or blade key. I will get it open for you! We can also change the combination in your safe, if you think that it has gotten out, beyond your circle of trust…

I am (at a fault sometimes to my own income) very honest when it comes to what my customers need. If I have a customer that wants to get all new locks installed, because they are worried someone may have a key to their home or business. I will explain to them that they can rekey the locks at a much cheaper price. A lot of times this is something that they did not even know was an option. If that is not their wish, and we have decided that replacing the locks is required, then, I will help them determine what the correct locks will be based on a security assessment of their frequency of use, security risk/exposure, and safety as far as fire exits/access by small children.

I respond to emergency calls for all my customers that have been locked out of their home, office, or car with great urgency (at a fault sometimes to my marriage). I am located right along the interstate so I can be anywhere in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Bay Pines, Pinellas Point, Snell Isle, Shore Acres, Gulfport, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, St Pete Beach, Tierra Verde, Fort Desoto, and Gandy in no time, and I can make it to locations in Tampa, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and North Manatee in less than 45 min.

I am insured and registered as a locksmith with Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. I am also registered with the state of Florida as an LLC. At Tommy Locksmith I take great pride in being the first place that my previous customers will turn, in order to get great service in times of emergency. I currently get 60% of my monthly business from repeat customers and referrals from previous customers. My customers constantly count on me when life stands still due to a lock out or key problem. They count on me to secure their families, their homes and cars, their most important and prized possessions. I am the #1 Locksmith in Tampa Bay, according to my previous customers.

When you are locked out of your home or car you can expect exactly this: I will examine the locks and determine the best method to circumvent the lock. These methods can include picking the lock, using bypass tools, and depending on the quality of the lock, or other factors we may need to use more destructive techniques to gain entry, but I am carefully destructive. I will do my best not to harm the door that the lock is securing, and I will have a replacement option available to re-secure the door after it has been opened. I have yet to be locked out by any lock. I will get you in!

Tommy Locksmith has a 100% satisfaction rating after 5 years, I love this job, and I am so happy to continue to serve my “family” of previous customers, and welcome all my new customers that count on me for there security needs!!



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